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Dec Group Training, Dec Group Education


& Education

Operator proficiency has a tremendous impact on profitability. This is why Dec provides technology and technical training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of your staff.

Enhance Quantity and Quality Performance !

Dec Group Training, Dec Group Education

Training is beneficial to both employers and employees of an organization as an employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well.

​Dec can provide various training sessions from workshops on existing workplace equipment to teach your operators how to effectively do their job to inhouse seminars or convenient webinars. 

  • Technical training support

  • In-house seminars

  • E-learning (webinars)

  • Customized training modules

Technical Support


Maintenance & Onsite Services


Spare Parts

Dec Group Spare Parts, Accessories, Dec Group High Quality Maintenance

Need Accessories or Spares?


Timely spares provision is critical to high quality maintenance, which is why our dedicated team handles inquiries quickly and efficiently by offering useful advise and suitable support. 

In order to increase your production capacity, having key spare parts always at hand is crucial. Take advantage of our defined packages with optimized quantities of the consumables you need most. 

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