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Pharmaceutical aseptic filling lines

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Decは革新的なソリューションで 「液体から固体」 の領域全体をカバーしています。重量による計量充填システムは、微少量の粉体を測定にする際に限界があるため、Decは正確な容積測定充填システムを開発しました。結晶性のもの、凍結乾燥されたもの、球形のもの、およびフワフワしたものを含む、あらゆる種類の粉体を正確に充填する事ができます。



Microdosing, aseptic pharma filling line
Powder, liquid filling

The risk of a possible contamination or mistake is a major concern of the health industry.  

In order to overcome these issues,  many pharmaceutical producers are looking for new drug delivery systems such as dual packaging where the powder and the diluent solution are stored in separate compartments. 

Dec has gained specific expertise in this area and can propose tailored solutions for automatic filling of various packagings such as vials, pouches, syringes and blisters.

The dosing system can be either a stand-alone unit or it can be incorporated in a process line.

Powder handling system

µPTS - flexPTS - sPTS

Continuous microdosing

Continuous powder introduction

into process


BoMa liquid filling, sterile liquid

BoMa System - Sterile Liquids

Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Aseptic and contained filling of various primary packaging

gel, paste filling

Gels - Pastes - Suspensions


Raw material handling solutions

Raw material handling solutions - Aseptic filling lines for powder and liquids


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