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Microdosing solutions

Micro Dosing Solutions


Powder Hopper

The design of the powder hopper is of the most importance to guarantee proper feeding as well as a high accuracy of the dosing device.

When handling poor flowing or bridging powders, the hopper can be equipped with various options such as fluidization, an agitator or a vibrator.

The hopper can further be combined with mPTS for automated hopper refilling including integrated level probe.

Microdosing hopper

Powder Inline Sensor

Inline weight measurement is a major asset when the integration or the response time of a scale is an issue.


Dec can provide a contactless sensor based on microwave technology able to instantly measure the weight and relative humidity degrees.

The sensor is directly installed at the outlet of the dosing device before the recipient to be filled.

The measurement is not intrusive and gives an instant response.  

Contactless sensor
MicroPTS, powder transfer

Accurate dosing

1 - 500 mg

FlexPTS, powder transfer

Fast dosing

200 mg - 100 g

sPTS, powder transfer

Larger doses

> 100 g


Aseptic Filling Line for powder, liquids and gels

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