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Integrated aseptic manufacturing solutions, powder handling, isolator

Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

Dryer Discharge

Dec has developed a large range of solutions to discharge dryers depending on the available height, the containment level to be achieved and the type of dryers.

Whether you use stationary dryers like a Nauta, paddle or filter dryers to rotary or tilting dryers, Dec can provide the most suitable technology to achieve contained and accurate packing.
Milling and final dispensing can be integrated in one single solution preventing the need of a separate packing area. 

The filling station can be directly installed below the dryer to be discharged. In case of insufficient height under the dryer

or when one single filling station needs to be shared between several equipment to be emptied, Dec proposes their unique solution of combining both transfer and dosing in one single machine.

The concept furthermore isolates the filling station from the dryer preventing any influences on the weighing system caused by possible pressure which may be present in the equipment being discharged. 

Realized projects

Chemical Reactor Charging, PTS Powder Transfer System, Powder handling

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

CLS Continuour Liner System, Powder handling, Powder transfer

Packing powders into continuous liners - OEB 3-4

Powder transer system sampling, Big bag discharging and filling

Big bag discharging and filling stations - Drum and bag handling -  Continuous Liner System

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