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Integrated aseptic manufacturing solutions

Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

Centrifuge Discharge

Handling wet powder out of a centrifuge is a challenging operation because of the explosion risk due to potential hybrid mixture creations, operator exposure as well as handling issues caused by the poor consistency of the wet materials.

Dec has extensive expertise to transfer solvent wet powder directly out of a centrifuge (bottom or side discharge) and convey the powder directly to a dryer or back to reactor.

When a direct transfer is not possible due to process timing or validation requirements, powder can be transferred into an intermediate silo before being transferred to the final destination.


PTS Powder Transfer System® allows to safely transfer wet powder over large distances > 30 m with humidity levels above 50 %.​


Specially designed hoppers installed at the outlet of the centrifuge allow to handle very sticky or lumpy powders.

Realized projects

Chemical reactor charging, powder transfer system

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

High containment drum filling

High containment drum filling

Bulk material handling

Big bag discharging and filling stations - Drum and bag handling -  Continuous Liner System


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