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Dec Group introduces the new Astro DecFilterdryer at ACHEMA 2024

May 23, 2024


This innovative solution is tailored to meet the needs of industries requiring access to larger scale API and fine chemical continuous processing solutions.

The robust design features Dec’s proprietary technology to produce at large scale while offering both non-sterile and sterile executions. With the ability to provide 50kg+ per unit at a cost-effective price, it is the only go-to option for continuous sterile API manufacturing.

Key features of this novel design include:

  • Pilot and production scale solutions available for applications ranging from 5kg to 50kg per hour

  • Filtration and washing, or filtration, washing and drying steps all in one solution

  • Designed for steam sterilization to meet sterile application requirements

  • Designed in accordance with cGMP standards

  • Enhances product attributes and typically increases yield

  • Interface with both batch and continuous up and downstream unit operations

  • Suitable for safe area (ATEX) and ordinary / hazardous location

  • Available as a stand-alone system or integrated as part of a turnkey solution

  • Materials of construction include, 316L stainless steel, C22 alloy and glass lined steel

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