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DCS® Drum Containment System


DCS® accessories include:

> DCS® Cleaning Drum

> DCS® Combi-System

> DCS® Inerting System

DCS® Cleaning Drum


Due to its compact design the cleaning of the DCS® is very fast and simple.  The cleaning liquid used to clean the DCS® head, the bellow and the suction lance is collected in a specially designed drum made of stainless steel which is connected underneath the glove box. 

The cleaning drum comprises a spray gun with an external connexion for the liquid supply. The slanted bottom fitted with a manual bottom valve allows for full drainage of the liquid. Additional nitrogen connection enables to inert the drum and the DCS head before cleaning the unit with solvents.

DCS cleaning drum

DCS® Dosing


DCS® can be installed on load cells and equipped with special dosing valves in order to empty drums partially and accurately. The weight can be registered  by a weight controller and linked to an external control system, if required.

High accuracy can be achieved even with multiple drum changes. Dosing is done in semi-automatic mode with the possibility of the operator manipulating the lance without risk of overdosing. 

DCS Drum Containment System

DCS® Inerting System

When transferring solvent wet powder or hygroscopic material, DCS® can be inerted allowing the safe transfer of powder under nitrogen conditions.


The system is supplied with automated valve and adequate pressure control and interlock to guarantee a stable and safe condition in the DCS®. The nitrogen supply system is linked to the PTS control system and sequenced together with the PTS operation.

DCS Inertisation

DCS® Combi-System


DCS® is very versatile. It can be designed for multiple operations. The same system can be used for emptying drums and with only few parts to be changed, it is ready for drum filling or even drum sampling.


As the system is mobile, it can be easily moved to different areas of the plant and adapted to many process requirements.

DCS combined with sampling

DCS® Liner Vacuum System


DCS® can be equipped with a special vacuum ring located in the liner docking system to allow an optimal opening and holding of the liner during the emptying of the drums.


The double liners are kept in place and are fully open during all the emptying operation. The system is directly linked to the vacuum line of the PTS and does not require any separate vacuum source. 

Liner Vacuum System.jpg
DCS Cleaning
DCS Dosing
DCS Inerting
DCS Combined System
DCS Liner Vacuum

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DCS® Drum Containment Systems

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