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RTU, RTF, Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

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RTU/RTF drug delivery systems

Dec’s aseptic filling equipment can be configured for seamless integration into existing production lines and designed to accommodate a variety of containers, including sterile RTU / RTF (ready to use or fill) bottles, vials, cartridges, pre-fillable syringes and Dual Chamber Syringes (DCS).

Liquids are less stable than lyophilized powders, which is why two-chamber systems are becoming increasingly popular. In this case, the powder and liquid are mixed by the end user immediately before administration. If you want to dose your products in primary packaging, especially in dual-chamber syringes, and thus achieve a longer shelf life, Dec is the ideal partner for filling your packaging.

Vaccine Production Line



part of Dec's microdosing technologies, for accurate and fast pouch filling application




Dual chamber syringe filling, microdosing
Microdosing solutions

Powder - Liquids - Miscellaneous - Continuous Process

Aseptic pharmaceutical filling line

Aseptic/Contained Process - Semi/ Fully Automatic Lines - Laboratory/Small Scale - Lyophilization Loading Equipment

Serialization, aggregation

Box Packing - Palletizing - Serialization


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