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“We are a leading global provider of powder handling and process containment systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.”

From the raw material handling to the final product packaging process, Dec acts as a global player throughout the production chain.

In excess of 600 companies worldwide have successfully integrated more than 10,000 Dec systems into their production sites. These include a wide range of patented products that enhance safety, hygiene, containment and productivity in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing.


Dec offers innovative approaches across the range of powder handling and process containment applications, including transfer, micronizing/milling, bulk handling, sampling, blending, dosing, aseptic solutions including fill-finish, process isolators and advanced cleaning (CIP/SIP) features.

700 people work on contributing to the success of the group with a global coverage in over 60 countries by an international agency network oriented to providing local customer support and service.

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“Dec provides innovative high-end solutions when complexity is involved and when the following keywords are relevant”

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